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The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a four seat, twin engine, propeller-driven airplane developed and manufactured by Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries.It was Diamond's first twin engine design, as well as the first new European twin-engine aircraft in its category to be developed in over 25 years. In 2004, the DA42 became the first diesel-powered fixed-wing aircraft to perform a non-stop. Max. speed (16,000 ft, MCP) 1,760 kg TOW. 365 km/h TAS. 197 kts TAS. Cruise speed at 75 % (16,000 ft) 326 km/h TAS: 176 kts TAS. Stall speed, landing configuratio De Diamond DA42 Twin Star is een Oostenrijks tweemotorig laagdekker sport-en lesvliegtuig.Het geheel van composiet materiaal geconstrueerde toestel met vier zitplaatsen maakte zijn eerste vlucht in december 2002. Totaal zijn er, inclusief alle varianten, door vliegtuigfabrikant Diamond Aircraft Industries meer dan 600 van gebouwd.. De DA42 is een commercieel succesvol vliegtuig

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  1. Diamond DA42-VI 18,000 ft 4 Seats 1,299 lbs 197 kts 10.4 gal/h The DA42-VI is easy to fly and burns fuel like a single, bu
  2. G1000 glass cockpit, een verbruik van ca. 11 gallons Jet-A1 per uur en een bereik van ca. 900nm met een snelheid van 150 Kt.. Onze Diamond DA42-NG is in 2021 aangekomen bij de Vliegclub Schiphol. Geschikt voor multi-engine training en touring, dit zuinige en stille light twin vliegtuig is beschikbaar per.
  3. Diamond DA42 - the little known asset of the Russian Armed Forces. Back in 2016, a short notice appeared on the Zakupki public procurement website about an impeding purchase of two Diamond DA42M-NG Twin Star light twin-engine surveillance aircraft for the Russian FSB (Federal Security Service)
  4. 2007 DIAMOND DA42. Piston Twin Aircraft. Stunning Diamond DA42!! Commercially maintained with low time TAE 125-02-99 engines. Equipped with a G1000 Avionics suite, GFC700 Aromatic Flight Control System, FADEC, TKS, XM WX and MORE!! Serial Number 42AC038. Registration # C-FXPR. Total Time 1,945
  5. Stunning Diamond DA42!! Commercially maintained with low time TAE 125-02-99 engines. Equipped with a G1000 Avionics suite, GFC700 Aromatic Flight Control System, FADEC, TKS, XM WX and MORE!
  6. Diamond DA42 2 aircraft for sale. Search Email Alert. Lifestyle Aircraft. Diamond DA-42. 2007 | 1,150 hours | CO USA. View. Summit Aviation LLC. Diamond DA42 TwinStar . 2008 | 1,429 hours | MT USA. View. Learn More. The Fusion 212 Premium is custom tailored to your exact.

Diamond DA62. 20,000 ft. 7 Seats. 1,565 lbs. 192 kts. 11.8 gal/h. The DA62, our newest twin engine aircraft, is designed to give enormous freedom of movement and further enhance your travel experience. The large cabin is designed to offer passengers comfortable seating and set new standards in general aviation Twenty-first-century good looks You might expect the first new light twin in more than two decades to look a little different — and the Diamond DA42 doesn't disappoint. In fact, the DA42's looks are such a departure from the norm for light twins that it's difficult to get close to one at the big airshows — the only thing that's more popular is Starbucks Diamond DA42-NG 03 april Nieuw bij de Vliegclub Schiphol is de PH-TDX. Deze IFR DA42-NG kan gebruikt worden om een MEP rating te behalen of in stand te houden. Het is per uur te huur, maar ook voor langere periodes. De PH-TDX is uitgerust met Austro E4-B motoren, moderne navigatiemiddelen, en satelliet-weersystemen Flying the All New Diamond DA42 VI. LifeStyle Aviation delivers the first ever painted DA42-V The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a 4-seat, twin-engine aircraft equipped with Garmin 1000 avionics. It is an excellent choice for transitioning from single- to multi-engine aircraft, as well as for cross-country flights and weekend getaways. This sleek four-seater was first certified in the United States in 2005 and has undergone some variations in its [

Diamond DA42 Twin Engine (MEP) Aeroplane. The Diamond DA42 is a 4 seat twin piston engine fixed wing aircraft. boasting several prominent differences compared to its piston-twin competitors. The performance, stability, handling characteristics and ease of operation of the DA42 can help make it an easy transition from single to twin Diamond DA42. The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a four seat, twin engine and propeller-driven airplane. Manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries, its airframe is made largely of composite materials. The DA42 Twin Star was certified in Europe in 2004 and in the United States in 2005. The airplane is made of carbon composite material

Diamond DA42. Aeromeccanica SA $440,000. Pre-Owned. Diamond DA42. Premier Aircraft Sales Inc Inquire. Pre-Owned. Diamond DA42 VI. Hawker Pacific A$890,000. Pre-Owned. Buy New Aircraft. Buy Business Jets; Buy Turboprops; Buy Turbine Helicopters; Buy Piston Helicopters; Buy Piston Singles DIAMOND Twin Star From SKYbrary Wiki DA42. Aircraft; Name Twin Star Manufacturer DIAMOND: Body Narrow Wing Fixed Wing WTC: Light APC: A Type code L2P Engine Piston Engine count Multi Mass group 1 Manufacturered as: DIAMOND Twin Star DIAMOND DA-42 Twin Star DIAMOND Twin Star. Description. Four-seat turbo diesel light touring/utility aircraft. Diamond DA42 Twin Star — лёгкий многоцелевой самолёт. Diamond DA42 Twin Star DA42 на авиасалоне в ле Бурже , 2009 год Diamond Aircraft Industries | N. A. Otto-Straße 5 | A-2700 Wiener Neustadt | Tel: +43 2622 26700 | Fax: +43 2622 26780 | office diamond-air.at | office diamond-air.at Stay informed on COVID-19 updates from EASA Read more Subscribe. You are here. Home. Document Library. Product Certification. Operational Evaluation Guidance Material (OE GM) / Operational Evaluation Reports (OEB) / Operational Suitability Data (OSD) Diamond DA-42

This excellent DA42 VI review is of the new high performance version of Diamond's jet fuel burning twin, the Diamond DA42-VI (aka the Version 6), was recently posted by Bill Cox of Plane&Pilot. Bill's extensive experience provides a valuable perspective on this fully refined high tech twin. We hope you enjoy the read. Read the full article Le Diamond Aircraft DA42 Twin Star est un avion léger autrichien dérivé du monomoteur Diamond DA40D.Il fut le premier bimoteur à utiliser une motorisation diesel fonctionnant également au kérosène : l'avantage étant une consommation très faible (environ 18 litres/h/moteur). Ses coûts d'exploitation ont permis de faire apparaître un nouveau service d'avion taxi à faible coût soit. As promised in my last post, this post will be about the Diamond DA42.. The DA42 is a sleek carbon composite aircraft from the Canadian / Austrian company Diamond Aircraft.. OSM Aviation Academy started operating the Diamond DA42 in 2013 when it replaced the flight school's previous twin-engine aircraft, the Beechcraft Duchess

Diamond Aircraft Industries. 7.01.16-E . AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL WITH MÄM 42-600 / DA42-VI (english) - BASIC MANUAL . Doc. No Saint Anne, Guernsey. DA42 ( G-CTCH) Status N/A. Load Earlier. Flight history for DA42 is available for a period over 7 days under our Basic subscription. More details here. More flight data is available for purchase The Diamond DA42 diagram is based on the Diamond DA42 using Diamond documentation and in conjunction with Diamond aircraft as well as visits to the aircraft. There are two versions of my cockpit diagram: DA42NG with Gramin 1000. DA42L360 with Garmin 1000. The aircraft is not shown in any particular phase of flight or switch positions The DA42 NG Computer Based Training (CBT) for Pilots covers Aircraft Systems and explains in a user friendly way how the system works and also give the pilots the possibility to check how the controls and systems are working through interactive slides. The course also included test elements (either we can use our question bank or yours) where. The Diamond DA42 Centaur aircraft operates at a service ceiling of 27,500ft. The Diamond DA42 Centaur Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA) was designed and manufactured by Aurora Flight Sciences, and is intended for military, intelligence, law enforcement or science-based applications. The aircraft can be operated in manned, unmanned and.

DIAMOND Twin Star From SKYbrary Wiki DA42. Aircraft; Name Twin Star Manufacturer DIAMOND: Body Narrow Wing Fixed Wing WTC: Light APC: A Type code L2P Engine Piston Engine count Multi Mass group 1 Manufacturered as: DIAMOND Twin Star DIAMOND DA-42 Twin Star DIAMOND Twin Star. Description. Four-seat turbo diesel light touring/utility aircraft. Diamond DA42 NG Power Plant ©Peter Schmdieltiner ComCompiled bpiled by Peter SchmidleitneyPeter Schmidleitner r Power plant 2 Austro Engines E4-B (Dash-6: E4-C) Four cylinders, liquid-cooled 1991 ccm Common-rail direct injection Reduction gear 1:1,69 Dual digital engine control Turbocharger Torsion vibration damper isolates engine fro Dutch Flight Academy ontvangt eerste Diamond DA42 Twin Star. EELDE - De Dutch Flight Academy (DFA) op Grongingen Airport Eelde heeft donderdag (13 april) de eerste Diamond DA42 Twin Star in ontvangst genomen. Dit hypermoderne tweemotorige lesvliegtuig van Oostenrijks fabrikaat zal worden ingezet bij de opleiding tot beroeps- en verkeersvlieger The new Diamond DA42-VI is on the leading edge of light airplane technology. For some, airplanes should be sexy. For others, fast. And for some, fun. Diamonds are for the practical among us. With more than 20 improvements over the DA42 NG, the new DA42-VI is the ultimate in practicality. It's not blazingly fast, but you will get there.

Diamond 2022 DA42-VI, call for optional equipment and delivery pricing. More Info. Premier Aircraft Sales Inc. Ft Lauderdale, FL USA (954) 771-0411 . Compare. SAVE Last Update: 04/27/2021. 2022 DIAMOND DA42 VI Call for Price. Reg# NTBD TT: 0; NEW 2022 DIAMOND DA42-VI WITH. E6B, NavLog Calculator, Weather Reports, METAR, TAF, Wind Components, Instrument Simulator, Weight and Balance, Pressure Altitude, Density Altitude, True Air Speed.

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ダイヤモンド DA42 ツインスター(Diamond DA42 TwinStar)に関する航空機(飛行機)の製造航空機(11機)、ニュース記事、飛行機写真(航空フォト)、イベントで. The Diamond DA42 is a twin engine piston aircraft, produced by the Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries. The light weight of the Twin Star makes it a very fuel-efficient, and highly capable aircraft. The Twin Star has a total of 4 seats, allowing for 1 pilot and 3 passengers during charter operations

Diamond Aircraft has raised the bar for multi-engine training aircraft, and the DA42-VI has proven to be exactly the aircraft ERAU was looking for. A new-generation, light-twin training aircraft While each new DA42-VI comes equipped with an advanced glass cockpit, the ERAU fleet has been upgraded to include an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) traffic and weather system Diamond DA42 NG - T-Bone small (Enkele A1 poster) FlightDeckPoster / Cockpitposter / Cockpit poster / Cockpit mockup. Diamond DA42 NG - T-Bone small..

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  2. Diamond DA42 Twin Star. Aircraft Version: Diamond DA42 M-NG. C/n (msn): 42.255. Operator / Titles: QinetiQ / Empire Test Pilots School - ETPS. City / Airport: Warton (EGNO / WRT) Map
  3. Diamond Aircraft and Austro Engine are proud to announce their partnership with PistonPower™ to offer the Diamond Airframe and Engine Program on all new DA20, DA40, DA42 and DA62 aircraft as well as in-service Diamond aircraft through their Authorized Sales Representatives and Authorized Service Centers worldwide
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  5. DA42 Twin Star 01.03.2015 Diamond Flight Training Page 1 Edition # 17 Does not replace the Airplane Flight Manual NORMAL CHECKLIST This checklist is compiled according the guidelines of GAMA Specification No.1, SECTION 3, para 3.5
  6. Die Diamond DA42 Twin Star ist ein zweimotoriges Flugzeug des Flugzeugherstellers Diamond Aircraft. Entwicklung. Nach zweieinhalb Jahren Entwicklungszeit wurde die aus der DA40 Star abgeleitete DA42 Twin Star im Mai 2004 zugelassen. Der Erstflug erfolgte am.
  7. The Concise Guide to the Diamond DA42 I am the owner of a Diamond DA42 NG and been flying the plane for two years. Prior to the publication of this book there was no one place to clearly and concisely learn about all of the various systems and the practical flying of the aircraft

Diamond DA42 Twin Star: Aircraft Generic Type: Diamond DA42 Twin Star: Aircraft Version: Diamond DA42 MPP Guardian: C/n (msn): 42.286: City / Airport: Berlin - Brandenburg (EDDB / BER) Map: Country: Germany: Event: ILA Berlin 2010: Photo Date: 9 June 2010: Photo by: Mick Bajcar Contact: Photo ID: 21433 Submit Correction Numerous upgrade options are available for Diamond DA42 owners and operators, including flight control systems that integrate avionics smoothly and accurately, worldwide in-flight internet solutions, navigation, radios, flight recorders, and service and warranty plans

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  1. Aviation photos of Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft shared by photographers from around the worl
  2. Twinstar Diamond DA42 for rent. Aircraft rental at great rates and flexible terms. Based at North Weald
  3. Back when Aerobask had their DA42 Twin Star as the only DA42 on the market, I reviewed it. Being a fan of Diamond Aircraft's creations, I got excited about Alabeo's DA40 when that was released. As soon as Carenado, Alabeo's sister company, released their G1000 GPS system, something told me a DA42 might be on its way
  4. N649DA. Our 2018 Diamond DA42 VI is truly in a class by itself. With industry leading safety, technology and comfort features, the DA42 takes training in a twin to new heights. Powered by two turbocharged Austro Engine AE 300's producing 168hp each, the DA42 is capable of crusing at 175kts at 16,000ft, while only burning 10 gal/hour
  5. We congratulate you on the acquisition of your new DIAMOND DA42 L360 airplane. Skillful operation of an airplane increases both safety and the enjoyment of flying. Please take the time therefore, to familiarize yourself with your new DIAMOND DA42 L360. This airplane may only be operated in accordance with the procedures and operatin
  6. Diamond DA42 Aircraft For Sale. Buy a Diamond DA42 aircraft. search for sellers of DA42 planes for sale. AeroClassifieds the aviation market to sell your aircraf

Yes, you can add accidents and incidents to the ASN WikiBase yourself! Or you can correct or update existing accidents. You can add any aviation accident or incident you like: general aviation, military, helicopters etc. As long as they are not covered in the main ASN Safety Database. >> Add an accident . This information is added by users of ASN The Diamond DA40 Diamond Star is an Austrian four-seat, single-engine, light aircraft constructed from composite materials.Built in both Austria and Canada, it was developed as a four-seat version of the earlier DA20 by Diamond Aircraft Industries.. By the end of December 2020, 2,200 DA40s had been delivered, including 500 NG models Diamond DA42 Twin Star; DA42 на авиасалоне в ле Бурже, 2009 год.: Тип: самолёт общего назначения: Производитель: Diamond Aircraft Industries: Первый полё Diamond DA42 Twin Star, con uno de sus winglets en primer plano. El Diamond DA42 Twin Star es un avión utilitario bimotor propulsado por hélices, de cuatro plazas, fabricado por el constructor aeronáutico austriaco Diamond Aircraft Industries. La mayor parte de su cuerpo está constituida por materiales compuestos Diamond DA42. Steel Aviation, Inc $660,000. Pre-Owned. Diamond DA42. Premier Aircraft Sales Inc Inquire. Pre-Owned. Diamond DA42 VI. Hawker Pacific A$890,000. Pre-Owned. Buy New Aircraft. Buy New Business Jets; Buy New Turboprops; Buy New Turbine Helicopters

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Charter a Diamond DA42 Twin Star. If you are considering hiring a Diamond DA42 Twin Star private jet for your next journey, we have an online quotation system available on the Starr Luxury Jets website. Additionally, our professional team is on hand to help with all enquiries The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a four seat, twin engine, propeller-driven airplane manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries. Its airframe is made largely of composite materials. The DA42 Twin Star was certified in Europe in 2004 and in the United States in 2005. The airplane is made of carbon composite material. [wikipedia Instruction. Our fleet of twin engine Diamond Aircraft are among the best training aircraft in the world. We're excited to offer training in the DA42-VI, and the DA42 NG. Both aircraft are oufitted with the Jet-A burning Austro AE 300 engine producing 168hp each —FADEC, Garmin G1000, leather interior and more. Come fly with us

Diamond Twin Star (twin-piston) (DA42) aircraft type complete tracking. Explore live maps, departures, arrivals and more with FlightAware Diamond DA42 Twin Star կամ պարզապես Diamond DA42, ավստրիական Diamond Aircraft Industries ընկերության նախագծած թեթև. Diamond DA42 Twin Star je lahko štirisedežno dvomotorno športno letalo avstrijskega proizvajalca Diamond Aircraft Industries.Narejeno je večinoma iz kompozitnih materialov. Letalo sta sprva poganjala dva dizelska motorja Thielert, na kasnejših verzijah pa motorja Austro.Na koncih kril ima nameščene winglete.DA42 je eno izmed najmanjših dvomotornih letal in eno izmed redkih serijskih.

Modele seu DA42-VI da maneira que você deseja. Expresse-se através do seu design exterior personalizado e escolha praticamente qualquer cor ou um dos incriveis designs exteriores padrão Diamond. O DA42-VI vem com recursos de luxo por toda parte - incluindo interiores de couro premium Diamond DA42 Twin Star adalah pesawat ber-baling-baling empat kursi, mesin kembar, sayap rendah (low wing) yang diproduksi oleh Diamond Aircraft Industries. Badan pesawat yang dibentuk sebagian besar dari bahan komposit. DA42 Twin Star bersertifikat di Eropa pada tahun 2004 dan di Amerika Serikat pada tahun 2005 Diamond Aircraft da42 3D models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options A Diamond-owned DA42 MPP Guardian on display at the MAKS international air show outside Moscow in 2013. The indigenous mission suite for the Russian aircraft was apparently developed by RTI. DIAMOND DA42-TDI TWIN STAR. The DA42-TDI is a four-seat, multi-engine aircraft equipped with the Garmin G1000 integrated avionics system. Learn More About the DA42 Aircraft. DA42 AIRCRAFT INFORMATION MANUAL

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Model DA42-VI - Deluxe silver The DA42-VI model - Design Deluxe silver - is the perfect accessory for your desk. So your beloved Diamond aircraft is always in sight and near you Diamond Airborne Sensing (Austria) has introduces the DA42 MPP (Multi Purpose Platform) twin engine aircraft is perfectly suited for carrying multifunctional airborne sensors, which combines the advantages and flexibility of a business aircraft with the very specialised needs of sensor operators

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  1. Support Center vindt u antwoorden op veelgestelde vragen en bronnen voor ondersteuning bij al uw Gar
  2. Diamond DA42 L360 ontvangt typecertificaat (foto) 19 juli 2009 - 2:00 LONDON - De DA42 L360 van de Oostenrijkse vliegtuigfabrikant Diamond Aircraft is door de Canadese luchtvaartautoriteiten gecertificeerd. Het toestel is de benzinevariant van de bekende DA42 NG die door dieselmotoren wordt aangedreven
  3. The Diamond gets the nod for payload (plus golf club storage up front), but the Cirrus has better range and can offload more fuel for payload if needed. Cruise Performance: SR22 - 100LL @ $4.85 per gal DA42 VI - JetA @ $4.25 per gal SR22 Max Ceiling: 25,000ft DA42 Max Ceiling: 18,000ft (both single and twin engine) Max Cruise

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FSX Diamond DA42 Twin Star N987TS. A texture for the Iris Pro Series payware DA42 Twin Star. This plane is N-number N987TS, which seems to be based out of Long Beach. Every effort has been made to make sure this plane matches its real world counterpart. Also includes alternative pilot texture for the aircraft, which places the aut.. For the Diamond DA42 (TDI) Learning my electric fire emergencies. Would it be wise to extend the landing gear before electric master is turned off? Does the (hydraulic) gear power pack require th Diamond TwinStar DA42 Flugzeuge zu verkaufen Der Hersteller Diamond Aircraft entwickelte mit der Diamond DA42 Twin Star ein zweimotoriges Reiseflugzeug. Das Flugzeug hat durch den Antrieb mit 2 Turbodieselmotoren eine hohe aerodynamische Güte Phone: +1 202-465-4701. View Details. Contact Us. Diamond DA42 TDI TwinStar Well maintained and always hangered since birth, a 2008 manufactured Diamond DA42 TDI Twin Star (two owners only) is available for sale

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2006 Diamond DA42 NG. Loading photos. Overview. Original DA42 TDI converted to DA42NG: Upgraded to more powerful Austro AE300 Turbo-diesel Engines. Enjoy ultra-low fuel consumption burning Jet-A fuel with reliability. Offered By: Lifestyle Aircraft. Price: $470,000 USD Diamond DA42 Twin Star: Engine(s) Thielert Centurion 2.0: Date of manufacture: 2008: Avionics: Garmin G1000; Autopilot KAP140; Qualification: Qualification level & qualifying authority FNPT II: Status: In Operation - qualified: Image Generator / Visual System: CAE Tropos 100. 3 Channel; Day/Dusk/Dawn; 180×35 FoV; Hours in Operation: since 2008. AIRCRAFT Diamond DA42 Twin Star. AIRLINE Premier Aviation. OPERATOR -. TYPE CODE DA42. Code -. Code -. MODE S 4B1FA7. SERIAL NUMBER (MSN) AGE 2022 DIAMOND DA42-VI NTBD INQUIRE: 954-771-0411 2019 Diamond DA40 NG N515GG INQUIRE: 954-771-0411 2012 Diamond DA40 XLS N262DS INQUIRE: 954-771-0411 Don't see the aircraft you're looking for? Let us know and we'll find it for you. New & Used Aircraft. Mooney Aircraft.

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Diamond DA42 NG STC-013.2 6 15x6.00-6 5 5.00-5 Included / enthalten Technical specifications Technischen Spezifikationen Tubeless wheels / Schlauchlos Räder Greater safety / Verbesserte Sicherheit Weight saving / Gewichtseinsparung High performance brakes / Hochleistungsbrems The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a four seat, twin engine, propeller-driven airplane manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries. Its airframe is molded largely of composite materials. (Source Wikipedia) - Diamond Da42 Twin Star - Download Free 3D model by helijah (@helijah) [d83b6e7 The Diamond DA42 is the newest multi-engine aircraft to join our flight training fleet. The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a modern four seat, diesel-powered twin engine aircraft developed and manufactured by Austrian company Diamond Aircraft Industries.. It's Garmin G1000 avionics system coupled with generous canopy visibility make this an exceptional aircraft option for twin engine flight training

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El Diamond DA42 Twin Star es un monoplano en voladizo de ala baja bimotor , comúnmente utilizado como avión de aviación general con fines de turismo y entrenamiento. Está equipado con un triciclo retráctil tren de aterrizaje disposición y utiliza una T-cola .El DA42 incorpora una combinación de características avanzadas dentro del primer diseño de dos motores de la compañía On the way to santorini,Diamond DA42 Omyplan Cron copright 2019 99 All times are UTC AAIB Bulletin: 6/2019 N648KM EW/G2018/11/14 SERIOUS INCIDENT Aircraft Type and Registration: Diamond DA42, N648KM No & Type of Engines: 2 Thietlert TAE 125-02-99 piston engine Year of Manufacture: 2007 Date & Time (UTC): 27 November 2018 at 1450 hrs Location: En route from Retford Gamston Airport to Weston Airport, Dublin, Irelan

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Diamond DA42 reliability. Aviation General Aviation. eloigorri January 8, 2008, 3:12pm #1. Hello Forum. I have placed my order for a DA42 and been promised delivery by August this year, so with normal delays and paperwork hiccups, I should be legal to fly by October at the latest. I have also decided to accompany the ferry pilot from Vienna to. El Diamond DA42 Twin Star és una avioneta bimotor propulsada amb hèlixs i 4 places. És un disseny de l'empresa austríaca Diamond Aircraft i es fabrica a Àustria i Canadà.Tot i que la cabina és semblant a l'avioneta Diamond DA40 la DA42 disposa de 2 motors i té unes prestacions més elevades. Al contrari que la majoria d'avionetes algunes de les seves versions són propulsades amb.

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Diamond DA42 Twin Star. Caught this Twin Star departing while hanging around San Carlos Airport. TheDA42 Twin Star the first twin engine design developed by this Austrian company, as well as the first new general aviation European twin-engine aircraft in over 25 years. In 2004 a DA42 was also the first diesel powered aircraft to make a non-stop.

CBT Aviation Course for Diamond Aircraft DA42 NG | EvionicaEADS completes the world’s first flight powered entirelyDiamond DA-40-180 Diamond Star - Untitled | Aviation Photo